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complete quests to gain experience, items, reputation, and achievements. (probably more)

quests will be organized by zone and will relate to at least 1 skill

if quests require the player to travel to more than 1 zone, they will be broken up and referenced to in parts.

quests will require player interaction to accept/complete (phases).

Miscellaneous Quests

there will be fetch, delivery, kill, and trial(basically an idle escort/defense quest) - trials will ideally be fully afkable but if it's for a special questline or there is an overwhelming thematic purpose I could imagine requiring interaction between the accept and complete phases of quests.

Most quests will have some requirement needed to accept but the goal would be to allow players to be able to complete quests in any order they choose, especially if it's not optimal.

Story relevant quests will be the tutorial and quest chains built around zones. Tareth will have at least 2 story quest chains, the first being the tutorial and the second being the zone chain.

Tareth's quest chain will give some information about the library, the kingdom and it's allies along with uncovering a plot to assassinate the king (unlocks the lowest level dungeon)

Balgan's quest chain will tell the story about the dwarves that live in the smoldering vale as you attempt to alleviate diplomatic tensions between the dwarves and gnomes by locating the Dwarven princess sent to Shuzaro

Whisper Mist Forrests quest chain will have you performing various trials and rituals in order to earn the trust of the local Firbolg tribes and discover the mystery of the wandering isle.