Miscellaneous Quests

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Mischievous Mudlings - a local farmer/merchant is having issues with the roads near their building and wants you to get rid of X Mudlings.

Catfishing the catfish - Gerome wants some fresh catfish meat.

Pilfering the Poultry - figure out where all of the chickens are going (they ran away to make a chicken utopia).

Stealing from kids - goats, the kids are goats, why the goats have candy is anyone's guess.

Rodents in the Credenza - Nigel the local carpenter noticed some rats living in his credenza but can't seem to get rid of them himself. (need ranged) - you find out his apprentice is being controlled by some of them to make wonderful furniture.

Muddy Mushrooms - Gwethen needs you to take her mushrooms to the stream and wash them off. (random encounters with enemies and chances to gather)

Suspicious Sabotage - introduction quest to the chain that leads to the first dungeon

Hungry Mouths - make some porridge for orphans, nothing tricky, just being a good person

Bullying bears - A group of bears has been causing trouble for some merchants/a supply line

Creepy Critters - kill some giant spiders and bring back their legs to Nua the goblin alchemist