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(ideally this story would be told by each different race with their own perspective also needs a big rewrite lol.)

Humans - Midya was alone and aimless until she heard a child crying. She rushed to the aid of the child but in her haste, they collided and embraced. (We refer to the point of connection as Ela Bay in reference to our moon, Ela) Midya was injured but the child was resilient. Ela left small fragments of herself with Midya and Midya left a portion of herself with Ela who hides it from Midya(moon stones on Midya and on the dark side of Ela are large parts of Midya). After the embrace they decided to stay with each other as they searched for Ela's similarly luminious brother, Raz/Ras. Ela told Midya about when she and Raz/Ras were separated, Ela cried out in soft sorrow but Raz/Ras cried out in rage, engulfing himself in flames. It didn't take long for the siblings to be reunited with Midya's help.